You deserve to be filled in the same way you pour!

Come ready to Unplug, Rediscover Your Dreams, Anchor your Faith and Reconnect with Yourself and God!


December 6-8, 2024 | Niagara Falls, New York

#iSpeakLife LIVE! ... Finally, a transformational Spirit-led experience designed for the high-capacity and busy woman of faith who constantly pours out, but never takes the time to allow herself to be poured back into.


#iSpeakLife LIVE 2024 starts in:

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Immerse yourself in a 3-Day event created with YOU in mind. An event where YOU are the ONLY focus.


Not your business, not your job, not your family, not your ministry or anything else.



December 6-8, 2024

Niagara Falls, New York

YES Detra I've been needing this!

It's time you start having real, authentic and healing conversations about what it means to stop settling and start showing up for yourself.


That time is NOW!

Aha's & Takeaways from #iSpeakLifeLive


"My God. I literally feel new. I’m so encouraged, so ready to work on my goals and walk into purpose. It’s already begun!!"


"Realizing some of the causes of my stagnation and fear. Releasing them and becoming a stronger woman daily because of it."


"I just realized that I was sleep, I woke up and today went by without any confusion....the clarity!!! Whew! -- SIS COME FORTH!"


You've been feeling the SHIFT and you're not sure what it entails but you are ready to fully step into it!

Sis, you’ve been pouring into everyone else allllll year. Shoot it hasn’t just been this year, it’s been as long as you can remember.

You are the one who pours into and encourages and coaches and cheers everyone else on. 

You spend more time helping everyone else launch their dreams and push past their fears, that is…. everyone but you!

The question I have is...

When are you going to make time for YOU?

Isn't it time you made time for YOU? Isn't it time you said YES to YOU and YOUR dreams and anything else you've been putting on the back burner?

Isn't it time you took YOU off the shelf and put you front and center?

I'd say YES ... it is time and the time is NOW!

You've put YOU on hold for way too long. I mean it’s been so long, that these three days are going to be just what you need to get reacquainted not only with who you were and who you are, but who you are becoming.

THIS is your time to invest in you and to explore what God has known all along...

...that you secretly desire more than what you’ve settled for.

Imagine attending an event where you felt seen, heard, and loved while getting exactly what you need to close the year strong and start the new year even stronger!

The #iSpeakLife Empowerment Experience for Women is that event. And guess what? It’s not just an event and it’s not just an experience... it is also an encounter!


What you can expect at #iSpeakLifeLIVE:

  • Expect to be seen. 
  • Expect to be heard.

  • Expect to be loved on.

  • Expect to be supported.

  • Expect to have fun.

  • Expect a shift in your limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors.

  • Expect to be equipped with implementable strategies and tools.

  • Expect to leave different, renewed, changed and transformed.

  • Expect the unexpected.

  • Expect prophetic insight & impartation.

  • Expect God to show up!

You Get What You Expect!

Are you ready for an elevated experience with the expectation that what you desire will be waiting for you when you show up?

Experience the unexpected - Register NOW!

Is this you?

  • Questioning your amazingness and your call
  • Disconnected from yourself & from God
  • Feeling Stuck & Stagnant
  • Busier than you should be
  • Overwhelmed & Overcommitted
  • Stressed & Anxious
  • Exhausted and Burned Out
  • Afraid or somewhat hesitant to fully step into who God has called you to be

What if you could experience this?

  • More time for the things that matter most to you 
  • Reconnection or a deeper connection with yourself and with God
  • Freedom, Fulfillment & Fun
  • Confidence, Community & Clarity
  • Grace, Ease & Flow
  • Peace, Breakthrough & Healing 
  • Rest, Release & Rejuvenation

If this is you AND you are ready to experience more of what's possible, then plan to join me in December at #iSpeakLifeLIVE 2024!

Here's what the #iSpeakLifeLIVE General Ticket Includes:

  • 3 Days of Coaching, Teaching and Equipping to Help You Finally Take the Steps to Get Out of Your Way.
  • A Detailed Planning Process & Self-Care Plan of Action for the First Quarter of 2024.
  • Live Q&A with Detra.
  • Dedicated Time for Prophetic Impartation, Worship, Journaling, Reflection & Planning.
  • Authentic Connection with an amazing group of purpose-pursuing and faith-filled women.
  • Beautiful Printable #iSpeakLifeLIVE Workbook Including All Training Materials.
  • #iSpeakLifeLIVE Event Bundle.
  • General Admission Seating.

PLUS, You're Also Going to Get These Additional Bonuses:​

  • Bonus #1: Access to Our #iSpeakLifeLIVE Attendee-Only Online Community Where You Can Ask Questions, Share Takeaways & Network with Your Event Tribe Members Before, During & After the Event!
  • Bonus #2: An Exclusive “#iSpeakLifeLIVE” Playlist With Hand-Picked Selection of Songs to Inspire You Throughout the Year!
  • Bonus #3: Special Discount Code for Friends to join you!

Want ACCESS to EXCLUSIVE time with Detra?


Here's what the #iSpeakLifeLIVE VIP Ticket Includes:

EVERYTHING included in the General Ticket PLUS…

  • Exclusive VIP Meet & Greet with Detra
  • Early Event Access
  • VIP Priority Seating
  • Private VIP Lunch with Detra
  • VIP Gift
  • Post VIP Group Strategy & Action Plan Call 
Get Your Ticket NOW!

Event Details At-A Glance

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When: December 6-8, 2024

Where: Double Tree by Hilton Niagara Falls



  • Day 1 – Friday, December 6: 10:00am – 9:00pm EST
  • Day 2 – Saturday, December 7: 10:00am – 5:00pm EST
  • Day 3 – Sunday, December 8: 10:00am – 2:00pm EST

Agenda/Timeline subject to change due the move of the Holy Spirit. Come ready and willing to be adaptable and flexible.

A few more Aha's & Takeaways from #iSpeakLifeLive


It takes some time to process it all. Day 1 for me was focusing on the why and keeping my dreams, aspirations and goals at the forefront of everything that I do. My overflow will flow onto to others.


"I completely loved the entire event. The location was beautiful. The wine punch was delish. lol. As ALWAYS, I hung on to every word you spoke.  God knew what He was doing when He lead me to the event that we met at. I could sit and listen to you for days. Your words give me hope and the desire to be a better person."


These three days have been completely amazing!!! Thank you Detra Trueheart & iSpeakLifeLIVE team for this wonderful experience. Thank you iSpeakLifeLIVE community for the fellowship & wonderful words of encouragement. All I can say is we have work to do so let’s gooooo!!

I mean let’s went!!!


#iSpeakLifeLIVE Is For YOU If...

  • You are ready to unLEARN what hasn't worked.
  • You are ready to do things God's way instead trying to force your way.
  • You are ready to get out of your own way.
  • You yearn to experience and encounter the power of God.
  • You are still somewhat existing and ready to give yourself permission to finally LIVE fully and freely.
  • You look good on the outside but you are tired of playing dual roles (You don't feel as good as you look).
  • You give more than you sometimes get or deserve.
  • You desire a safe space to take off the roles, responsibilities and titles and just BE.
  • You are ready for something different, something new and something God-inspired.
  • You are tired of doing the same thing over and over again with no impactful results.
  • You are ready to (re)fill and replenish your cup.










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VIP Admission - SOLD OUT!

Pay In Full


One-Time Payment


Payment Plan


Four monthly payments


What they had to say about #iSpeakLifeLive

Just a few testimonials from past attendees. They want to see YOU in the room this year!

I've helping hundreds of women get unstuck, stop settling & show up fully for themselves...

Hey love, I'm Detra!

Your Coach and the CEO of TrueheartSpeaks Enterprises, LLC. I am a Transformational Speaker,  Preacher, Strategist and Author.

It brings me joy to teach high-performing women of faith and leaders how to get unstuck, stretch themselves and their faith, so that they can get out of their own way to show up fully and authentically in the areas of their lives that matter most to them. It is also my pleasure to hold space for high-capacity women & leaders in safe space so they can just be. You will find just that at the #iSpeakLife Empowerment Experience for Women.


#iSpeakLifeLIVE 2024 will take place at the beautiful Double Tree by Hilton Niagara Falls - 401 Buffalo Avenue, Niagara Falls, New York 14303.

A discounted rate is has been negotiated for all attendees who plan to stay at the Double Tree by Hilton Niagara Falls. The rate and how to reserve your room will be sent via email after you register.


Our past attendees share their experiences

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